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Enhanced Primary Care Plan 


Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC) is a government incentive which allows individuals with a chronic medical illness/condition to receive Medicare rebates for allied health services, such as Podiatry and Exercise Physiology.

  • How can an Enhanced Primary Care Plan?
    A Medicare EPC plan is put in place to assist you and your GP manage your chronic medical illness/condition by identifying and managing your needs and planning the best method of treatment. A Team care arrangement is then made between your GP, other allied health professional/s and you, which provide an organised approach to your care. This approach allows the coordination and collaboration of your treatment plan with at least two other health care providers.
  • What is a Chronic Medical Illness/Condition?
    A chronic medical condition is an illness and/or condition which has been present, or likely to be present for more then six (6) months. Such illnesses/conditions include cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and musculoskeletal conditions.
  • How do I apply for the Medicare EPC Program?
    You need to consult your GP who will perform a health assessment to determine whether you would benefit from a Medicare EPC program. Once a Medicare EPC plan is agreed upon, then you can be referred to up to five (5) allied health services each calendar year. Please note that the five (5) services can be either provided by one allied health professional or shared between multiple allied health professionals. For further information, speak to your GP or Practice Nurse.
  • How much is the Medicare rebate?
    With a current EPC, patients will receive a rebate of $56 back from Medicare. The amount of appointments that a patient will receive the rebate, will depend on the amount of visits the GP has assigned for you. The full appointment fee is paid by card or cash. Then the Medicare rebate is refunded back to the patient on the day, into a Savings or Cheque Account.
  • Does your Clinic Bulk Bill?
    At our clinic we do not Bulk Bill, instead we charge a gap fee alongside the rebate to ensure that we can continue to provide the best quality of care for our clients.
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