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What We Can Do For You

Podiatry,  Exercise Physiology,  Massage Therapy,  Orthopaedic Footwear

Podiatry Services

Our experienced podiatrists take a holistic approach to treating foot and ankle issues, addressing both the underlying cause and symptoms. We believe in educating our patients and providing them with a comprehensive treatment plan to ensure the best possible outcome.

Exercise Physiology

Our Exercise Physiologists prescribes individually designed exercise prescriptions that assist with mobility, strength control and endurance. They safely guide you through exercises that aim to improve quality of life, disease management and treatment outcomes.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a great way to improve your overall well-being. It help reduce stress and anxiety, alleviate pain, relax muscles, and even aid in injury rehabilitation. Book a session today and experience the benefits for yourself.

Orthapaedic Footwear

We understand the importance of proper orthopaedic footwear that provides comfort, support and relief for painful foot conditions. We offer an extensive collection of thoughtfully designed and fashionable orthopaedic shoes for both men and women


An Outstanding Allied Health Team

Our clinic is situated in the beautiful Barossa Valley, where our team is dedicated to providing exceptional services that bring about positive and lasting change through education, exercise, and pain management.

Our approach is unique, evidence-based, and multidisciplinary, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible care. We collaborate closely with other healthcare and medical practitioners to provide optimal treatment for our clients. You can rely us to take care of your foot health needs.

You Can Trust!

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