How may we help you & your family?

At Your Foot Doctor, our Podiatrists specialise in many different techniques and treatments for all kinds of foot, ankle, knee, leg and lower back problems. Please read below for more details.

Your Foot Doctor Podiatry

Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation

Your Foot Doctor often sees patients for sports injuries such as ankle sprains, achilles tendinitis, heel pain or other foot or leg pain.


Our Podiatrists will assess the injury to ensure the correct treatment and care are applied specifically for the type of injury and structures affected. We can use a variety of treatment techniques including strapping, bracing, stretching and strengthening programs, orthotics, foot mobilisation and dry needling to help in recovery.


Mobilising is a hands on technique that our Podiatrists specialise in at your Foot Doctor. The aim of mobilisation is to restore the normal function and mobility of a joint so that muscles can work effectively around it. It is used to treat foot, ankle, leg, knee and hip pain. It is a gentle and painless technique. This treatment also affects the myofascial train that connects our whole body.

Your Foot Doctor Podiatry
Your Foot Doctor Podiatry

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a modern method using ancient tools, but it is not acupuncture. We use acupuncture needles to stimulate myofascial trigger points to promote healing and relieve pain. Our Podiatrists at Your Foot Doctor are trained to use these techniques in conjunction with a holistic treatment plan tailored for you.

General Nail and Foot Care

Your Foot Doctor treats a wide range of conditions of the skin and nails as well as general nail cuts. Some of the conditions treated include corns, callus, bunions, warts, fungal infections, and digital deformities. We also provide general wound care and check ups. Our Podiatrists will also search for any reasons as to why you may have re-occurring callus, corns etc.

Your Foot Doctor Podiatry
Your Foot Doctor Podiatry

Ingrown Toenails and Surgery

Our Podiatrists are experts at treating ingrown toenails. Ingrown toenails are treated with conservative measures such as gentle spicule removal right through to surgical intervention.

Orthotic Therapy

We have a wide range of options for orthotic therapy at Your Foot Doctor, depending on your individual needs. Our Podiatrists use the latest 3D Scan Technology to generate computer designed orthotic customised to your needs. We make both hard and soft devices. Our orthotics are very comfortable and easy to wear. We also have some pre-fabricated orthotics available which can also be adjusted to suit your individual requirements.

Your Foot Doctor Podiatry
Your Foot Doctor Podiatry

Children's Feet

All our Podiatrists enjoy working with children of all ages.  Children may experience growing pains, injuries, regular tripping or falling, rolling in (walking) or toe walking. It is very important to make sure your child's feet are healthy as they are still growing and developing. At Your Foot Doctor, we can help diagnose, treat and prevent many pediatric foot and leg conditions.

Diabetic Foot Health Checks

At Your Foot Doctor we perform diabetic foot checks which is a key component in your diabetic care. Our Podiatrists will check for early warning signs of any vascular or neurological issues that may occur as a result of diabetes and any significant findings would be reported to your GP.

Your Foot Doctor Podiatry