Initial consultation 

What to expect

Your first appointment with our Exercise Physiologist is up to 60 minutes.


After showing you around the gym and helping you feel comfortable we gather some information about you, including the following:

  • Goals, and why you feel you need some assistance and guidance. 

  • Past and current relevant medical history 

  • Aches, pains, injuries and physical symptoms

  • Past and current physical activity levels (including activity in home ie gardening, job activity, walking)

  • Lifestyle factors (work, hobbies, commitments etc) 


After gathering background information and understanding your why, we perform some baseline measurements relevant to you and all the information we previously discussed to help identify why you might be experiencing any issues and how we can assist. These may include: 

  • Movement assessments (ie how your body moves, identifying potential weaknesses and limitations)

  • Range of motion measures

  • Measures of strength and endurance (upper body, core, postural, lower body etc)

  • Fitness measures (specific to what your goals and needs are)

  • Balance assessments 

  • Questionnaires specific to the symptoms you are experiencing. 


In conclusion, after an analysis of the information we find we explain how tailored exercise can help your individual needs and goals. We provide you with a treatment plan advising the best practice for you including how often we would suggest seeing you, how long it could take to improve your problem and build on strength, fitness, balance etc. 

Finally, we book you in for your next appointment to begin your journey in reaching your goals. 


Utilize it by gaining control of your health and wellbeing.